Who is Tracking You Online?

Have you noticed that there is someone tracking you online?

Spyware, scripts and cookies are generally used by trackers to monitor your Internet activity and collect your private information. Most trackers do this to tailor ads, while others have their own purposes. If you want to know more about online tracking, this article won’t let you down.  

What is online tracking?

To put it simply, online trackers gather information about your activity on the Internet. That is to say, where you have been to, who you are and what do you like are all included in the collected information.  

Why do they track you?

As we said before, many websites and services collect user data to display personalized content or provide customized services. Some companies behind the websites even sell user data to get revenue.

Take Google for an example, there are many Google services that track you to get all kinds of identifiable information. Unlike other companies, Google doesn’t sell user data to others. It takes advantage of private data to deliver targeted ads.  

Who are they?


When you visit a website, you are not only tracked by the website itself but also monitored by third-party trackers that exist on the website.

There are even tracking cookies that will be attached to you and monitor your activity on other websites that they are not generated from. If you get tracking cookies, your browsing history will be tracked by them without your permission.  


Your ISP usually keep a track of what you do online, such as the websites you visit and access unencrypted email messages you send.  


The government is another tracker on the Internet that you should know. Sometimes, the government even forces social network companies to hand over user data.


Among all online trackers, hackers need to pay the most attention to. They track your every move through the Internet and try to steal your private information for illegal purposes. Consequences include identity theft, financial loss, etc.

To prevent you from being tracked online, you can use a VPN service.

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