What to Encrypt in Email Encryption?

Unencrypted emails leave the content vulnerable to identity thieves, hackers and spies. If you are just to say “happy birthday” to a friend or invite your family members to your house for dinner, it doesn’t matter. But what if you have to send sensitive data like passwords and bank details?

It is quite clear that hackers can get easy access to all the information included in the email you sent. Don’t you worry about that?

Nowadays, there are more and more data breaches on the Internet, it’s a good idea to encrypt your email so that you would not fall a victim to such issues. It will prevent hackers, identity thieves and spies from reading your email messages.

What is email encryption?

Email encryption is a great way for you to make your email impossible to understand to any other parties other than your intended recipient.

In most cases, email encryption relies on the Public Key Infrastructure. PKI consists of a private key that is known only to you and a public key that is known only to those you choose to distribute it to. With email encryption, anyone who wants to send an encrypted email to you can use the public key you offered. Then, only you, the intended recipient, can decipher the email with your private key.

What do you need to encrypt?

  • Your email connection.

When you send or check emails, it is possible for others to access your login information and the email messages. Thus, it’s important to encrypt your email connection to prevent potential data interceptions from unauthorized users.  

  • Your actual email messages.

When you send an email without encryption, the messages travel from server to server on the Internet are visible to others. You should encrypt your actual email messages to make it unreadable. Only the intended recipient who has the private key can convert unreadable messages into readable plain text.   

  • Your stored email messages.

Although there is password protection for your email account and devices, the email messages you store on your PC or mobile devices are still easy to access. Using email encryption can effectively prevent hackers from accessing and reading your stored email messages.  

To fully secure your email, you can download the best VPN to your device.

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