What is Email Encryption?

As one of the earliest ways to communicate online with others, email is still a popular way to communicate with family, friends and colleagues. It is true that most of us have at least one email account. Most times, there is no private data or confidential information in our emails. But sometimes the email we sent contains sensitive data.

If you do not use email encryption, your private and confidential information may be intercepted by hackers, especially when you are using an unsecured public WiFi network.

That’s why it’s important to encrypt your email messages. Hackers and cybercriminals can’t easily access encrypted emails. With email encryption, you can avoid falling a victim to data breaches. Want to know more about an encrypted email? Let’s continue.

What is an encrypted email?

An encrypted email uses encryption technologies to hide it from being accessed by other people instead of the recipient. The recipient uses a “key” to read this email. While others don’t have the key won’t unlock the email.

This technology, consists of “private key” and “public key”, is called public key infrastructure (PKI in short). When you want to send an encrypted email to a friend, you can encrypt it with “public key”.    

Two types of email encryption

S / MIME and PGP / MIME are two popular email encryption protocols. The former is most often used because it is integrated with large mail companies such as Apple and Outlook. S / MIME is based on a centralized trust model.

The latter is based on a decentralized confidence model. This model provides users with more flexibility in encrypting email messages. PGP / MIME is also quite easy to use. However, a third-party encryption program is needed for deployment.

S / MIME and PGP / MIME are the two main types of encryption that you need to know. If you want to try other types of encryption, such as identity-based encryption, email session encryption and TLS, you can choose encryption depending on the circumstances. 

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