The Danger of Default Passwords

Passwords have always been one of the easiest ways to be secure, but the existence of default passwords in the Internet of things is very dangerous. As more organizations install Internet of things devices, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the dangers of default passwords.

What are default passwords?

Either the default password delivered by the system or a password that is the same as the user name can be default passwords.  

Of course, it’s very easy to change it, but why are so many default passwords not changed?

Common reasons for not changing default password

There are 2 main reasons that these default passwords are not disabled or changed. First, many people are sure that their firewalls or other security devices will protect their devices and accounts from being hacked. Second, some of them just don’t know there is a default password for the device that needs to be changed.

What are the risks?

Routers, databases, webcams and many other Internet-connected devices and services initially come with default usernames and passwords to help new users log into and configure a product easily. But many people ignore changing the default login information, leaving them vulnerable to cyber attacks. Default passwords are one of the major contributing factors to large-scale compromises of home routers.

Neglecting default accounts and passwords for devices and systems is the same as leaving your keys outside a locked door of your home. It allows for easy compromise without the complexity of malicious scripts and exploits.

When a hacker tries to get access to your account or your device, the first attempt would be the default password. If the default password is enabled, your account or device would be in danger.

Hackers also construct a malware with huge lists of default passwords preloaded, which will make it easier and quicker for them to break through defenses. 

To conclude, it’s very important for users to change the default passwords of their Internet-connected devices and services. Apart from changing default passwords, using a VPN also is a great help in protecting your privacy on the Internet. Choose one from theses reliable VPNs: Surfshark, Private Internet Access, RitaVPN and ExpressVPN.

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