How to Watch Content from Disney Plus with a VPN?

As the launch of Disney Plus draws near, Disney fans in the US, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand are all very excited. While fans from other countries are not able to access Disney Plus. Fortunately, Indian fans have more than one option to watch content from Disney.


Hotstar, known as the Indian Netflix, is an OTT streaming service owned by the subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. It offers three tiers for its streaming services – ad-supported service, Hotstar VIP and Premium.

As-supported service: free

Hotstar VIP: ₹365 ($5.16) per year

Hotstar Premium: ₹299 ($4.23) per month; ₹999 ($14.13) per year

The ad-supported service allows users to stream content from Star India at no cost. Subscribing to Hotstar VIP, you can watch local content, the World Cup cricket matches and even Premier League football from the United Kingdom. If you are a Disney fan, you should pay special attention to its Premium subscription which gives you access to international movies and shows from Disney, HBO, Hooq and 20th Century Fox.  

Subscribe to Disney Plus with a VPN

It is commonly known that Disney Plus is a new Disney streaming platform. It will be released in the US, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand successively at different prices. The subscription fee ranges from $6.21 per month in Australia to $7.82 per month in the Netherlands.

So, the other option for India fans is to subscribe to Disney Plus with a VPN. We know that VPN services let the streaming service provider think you are from a different country. When you connect to a VPN server in the US, you appear to access Disney Plus in the US. We recommend you choose a VPN service that offers you reliable Australia servers because the subscription fee in Australia is the cheapest in the above countries.


When comparing the tier of Hotstar with Disney Plus, we can choose Hotstar without hesitation because Hotstar Premium is much cheaper than Disney Plus. Although Hotstar won’t change its subscription fee after the launch of Disney Plus, we are not sure whether Hotstar will offer all content from Disney Plus.

According to Livemint’s report in April 2019, Hotstar is probably going to carry all content from Disney Plus, including new content produced by Disney. If that’s the case, Indian fans will be able to watch all Disney content directly on Hotstar by subscribing to the existing Premium plan.

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