How to Secure Your Home Security Cameras?

Smart home devices are becoming more and more popular, including smart locks, smart speakers and smart cameras. Among these products, the home security camera is widely used for watching pets and kids due to its powerful function and affordable price.

However, is your home security camera really safe?

With more and more private images being shared online, home security cameras designed to enhance security are now invading users’ privacy.

The risks of Weak Password” 

There is a lot of scanning software on the market that can get the IP address of the camera. Scanning with the help of weak passwords, it will display a lot of IP addresses of the smart cameras. As long as the cracked IP address is entered into the relative app for the camera, you can access the camera.

It is a world-class common phenomenon that surveillance devices compromise the privacy of individuals because of weak passwords. This is not only true for cameras purchased by individuals, but also for public cameras used for urban management and traffic monitoring. As a result, your privacy might be invaded without your knowledge.

Keep away from fake security cameras

In general, the network security and data encryption capabilities of fake smart cameras are very weak. In order to earn money, some manufacturers even secretly get access to your camera and monitor your home.

Where to place your home security camera 

It is recommended that you do not install the camera in your bedroom and other private places. Be aware of this no matter it’s a fake security camera or not.

Create strong passwords for smart cameras

In addition to smart cameras, all home networking devices such as routers, wireless APs, and personal computers should have strong passwords.

Power off the camera when you are at home

The most reliable way to secure your home security camera is to turn it off while there is a person at home.

DO NOT use a camera with gimbal

A security camera with the gimbal is convenient for you as well as hackers. So, you’d better avoid this. Although the angle of view will be fixed, it is safer for you.

In conclusion, science and technology itself is a double-edged sword. No matter how strong the encryption of the camera is, there are still risks that you get involved in an invasion of privacy. The more advanced the technology, the harder to protect your privacy. We strongly recommend you secure your Internet connection with a VPN.

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