How to Live Stream LoL World Championship 2019 Semi-finals?

When it comes to the LoL World Championship in 2019, we’ve seen many exciting games. However, none of these matches is as impressive as some classic competitions in the previous LoL world championship. S9 is not over yet. The four teams that will compete in the semi-finals are G2, SKT, IG and FPX. Judging from their performances, they are likely to show us the most wonderful matches of S9. Let’s know more about each team and see who will be the winner.

IG – Invictus Gaming

IG is the 2018 world champion, reigning world champion in 2019 and the champion of the 2019 LPL spring tournament. In addition to SKT, only IG managed to reign its world champion by reaching the final four. And we can see IG is also trying hard to win the 2019 world champion.

FPX – FunPlus Phoenix

FPX is the 2019 LPL summer champion, the first seed of the LPL division. Although FPX is new when compared with the other three teams, we still can’t ignore its ability to win the champion. It made great achievements in the 2019 LPL summer tournament. In addition, according to its performance of this world competition, FPX is confident to make more achievements this year. It defeated FNC in the quarter-finals.  

G2 – G2 Esports

G2 won the 2019 Spring LEC, the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational and the 2019 Summer LEC. As the reigning mid-season invitation champion and first seed from Europe, G2 is absolutely a strong competitor.

SKT – SK Telecom T1

SKT is well-known to almost all LoL fans. A lot of people think that SKT is indispensable for the LoL World Championship. Now that the three-time world champion has returned to the world stage and successfully reached the last four, we can expect its excellent performance in the upcoming semi-finals. In addition, SKT is the 2019 LCK spring and summer champion. However, these achievements belong to the history of SKT. SKT is always looking forward to the future.

The semi-finals will be launch on Nov 2nd. Don’t miss the wonderful matches that are available on Twitch, YouTube and the official website. Your favorite team or player needs your support. Come and cheer for them.

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