How to Get Into a Locked Computer without Password?

One of the key benefits of using Windows computers is that you can password-protect your computer to avoid suspicious activity. In addition, with the latest version of Windows 10, it provides various mechanisms to protect the computer from illegal access, including text password and image password, using the Microsoft account for login. 

However, the biggest mistake and concern start when you realize that you have forgotten the password for the computer

One of the simplest and easiest ways to unlock the Windows computer password is the password reset disk. You can use the password reset disk to reset the Windows password on the home screen. The password reset disk lets you easily unlock the locked computer without using the password. 

Although resetting the Windows password is easy when you reset the disk, it is a fairly time-consuming process. Before you start, you must know that the password reset disk should be created before the computer locks. If you forget your password and have previously created a password reset disk, you can use it to easily unlock your computer. 

In most cases, Windows computer has an administrator account with a blank password. So you can press F8 to start your computer in safe mode and log in without a password.  

If you can not restore the password registry using the above methods, try reinstalling your Windows. To reinstall Windows, you must create a startup disk or other medium from which to install the operating system. The Windows installation disk can not only be used to reinstall Windows but also help you access the command prompt in which you add the new administrator account. Insert the disk and start from the inserted medium instead of the standard installation. 

Although this method is able to reset the local Windows administrator password, it is very complicated for users who are not used to command-line interpreters. 

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