Get the Best Halloween VPN Deal from RitaVPN

The second half of the year is full of festivals, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The most indispensable thing for these festivals is promotion. It’s no surprise to you that many products and services are offering substantial discounts. Finding the best Halloween deal for your desired product or service is not an easy task. We recommend you pay attention to RitaVPN’s discount on its 1-year plan, which will save you up to 55%.

RitaVPN Discounts

Generally, you need to pay up to $10.99 per month for the 1-month plan. While the 6-month plan lets you enjoy all the premium features at a price of $8.33 per month. And it would be $49.99 for the 6 months period.

RitaVPN is offering the best deal for VPN on this Halloween.

55% off – 1-year plan: Subscribing to the 1-year plan of RitaVPN at $59.99, you are able to unblock websites and stay safe on the Internet. Besides, it also gives you the same benefits as a premium user, including no-ads, unlimited bandwidth, no connection drops and so on. With this plan, you can use one month of VPN service at the cost of one cup of coffee.

82% off – auto-renewable plan: If you haven’t made up your mind to choose a VPN, we recommend you purchase RitaVPN’s auto-renewable plan at only $1.99 for the first month. If you want to switch to another counterpart, you can manually cancel the subscription.

What does RitaVPN do for you?

RitaVPN helps you get access to content streaming websites and other websites that are blocked in your country. RitaVPN lets the service provider believe that you are from a country where these websites are available. While your real physical location is hidden from the spying eyes online.

This VPN service is of great significance when you want to stream blocked social media content on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and so on. If you often travel abroad, a VPN is definitely a necessity for your trip.  

RitaVPN connection is also very stable. You don’t need to worry that a temporary VPN connection drop will cause data breaches because RitaVPN is integrated with a kill switch technology. With kill switch, you can rest assured to browse the Internet by connecting to RitaVPN.

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