Does a VPN Work on All My Devices?

As data breaches dominate Internet security and privacy news, it should be a must for Internet users to protect all their devices with a VPN.  

Whether a VPN works on all your devices depends on which VPN you subscribe to. If you want to use a VPN subscription to protect multiple devices, there are two things you need to take into consideration.

Compatible with multiple platforms

There are hundreds of VPN services on the market that differ from each other. Some of them focus on providing VPN clients for Windows, others offer VPN apps for iOS only.

The first consideration is to find out what and how many platforms a VPN is compatible with. A premium VPN service provider should offer software for all major platforms. When you want to protect all your devices from different platforms, a premium VPN compatible with all major platforms will do this for you.

Work on multiple devices simultaneously

The other thing you need to pay attention to is the number of devices that can connect to the VPN simultaneously with just one account.

For example, when you are shopping on your laptop in Starbucks, you want to check your Facebook account on your phone. You need a VPN that allows simultaneous connections on your laptop and phone to protect private data on both devices from potential cyber attacks.

Unlimited simultaneous connections

Although there are many VPN providers that allow you to connect multiple devices at the same time, you may need even more. If that’s the case, you can set up a router with your VPN. When you configure the VPN on your router, any device connected to that internal network will be protected by the VPN.

Thus, it is important to use a reliable VPN provider that offers a premium service and guarantees that all your devices are not only secure but also have excellent Internet connectivity and will not interfere with your browsing experience.

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